South Central Behavioral Health Region

South Central Behavioral Health Region

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: 988

SCBHR provides residents of south central Iowa with the resources needed to help manage mental health disabilities and intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Help is nearby and available when you need it with multiple points of access to care that supports mental health and disability needs, including multi-occurring substance use, brain injury or other complex service needs.

At SCBHR our vision is to mindfully, creatively and responsibly serve the residents of our region. Through our services, we strive to offer solutions to residents’ unique challenges — with respect and dignity for all people at the center of our approach.

  • Suicide Prevention and Support for Iowans
  • Managing Brain Health on the Farm
  • Tackling Anxiety and Depression
  • Brain Health Support for Frontline Workers
  • Support for All Ages — Children and Brain Health
  • Support for All Ages — Seniors and Brain Health
  • Coping with Pandemic Fatigue
  • Stress Management

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