Heart of Iowa Community Services

Heart of Iowa Community Services

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: 988

Mobile Crisis: 844-428-3878

Every day, people turn to Heart of Iowa Community Services (HICS) for health, hope and successful outcomes to improve their quality of life. It could be an adult struggling with depression. An individual in an impending crisis who does not know who to turn to. Someone recently released from prison trying to get their feet back on the ground.

Whatever the situation, HICS is here to help by coordinating a multitude of services and securing financial assistance for individuals struggling with mental health or intellectual disabilities and other developmental disabilities. We encourage you to explore the many ways we support individuals and strengthen the communities and counties we serve.


Heart of Iowa Region partners with a network of local organizations to offer services that are designed to meet the needs of people with mental illness, intellectual or other developmental disabilities. Some examples of those services are:

Coordination Services

If your friend, relative or loved one is mentally ill, but not in immediate danger to him/herself or others, our office can assist in helping you navigate services and pointing you in the right direction. We can assist in setting up therapy and psychiatric services, as well as other supports to assist the individual in maintaining a healthy life and environment.

Alternatives to Incarceration Program

Heart of Iowa Community Services staffs the jails in Audubon, Dallas and Guthrie Counties with Jail Diversion staff to assess and coordinate services to individuals upon booking into each of the jails. Upon booking, each individual is screened for mental health, substance abuse, brain injury or intellectual disabilities.

Crisis Services

The Crisis Center is a collaboration with Inside Out Wellness and Advocacy. The purpose of the center is to reduce the number of people who, during a mental health crisis, are involuntarily hospitalized or inappropriately incarcerated. Individuals typically stay at the Crisis Center less than one week. During that time, they are connected to a network of appropriate community resources to assist in their recovery.

Community Living Services

Services that provide support and supervision, allowing you to become more independent in your own home or apartment. Services are also available to help support you when you are living with others in a group home setting. Personal support may include activities of daily living such as transportation, money management, meal or household assistance.

Employment Services

Employment opportunities offer valuable supported education and work skills training. Career opportunities range from offering job training and job placement with a local business to working with personalized supervision and support in a group work setting.

Treatment Services

Mental health treatment services include evaluation, counseling, mental health prescriptions, community support and help in dealing with crisis.

  • Suicide Prevention and Support for Iowans
  • Managing Brain Health on the Farm
  • Tackling Anxiety and Depression
  • Brain Health Support for Frontline Workers
  • Support for All Ages — Children and Brain Health
  • Support for All Ages — Seniors and Brain Health
  • Coping with Pandemic Fatigue
  • Stress Management

No one knows what services and funding sources are available in your area better than your local HICS Service Coordinator. Helping people navigate through various options, regional service coordinators provide the valuable link between individuals and the community resource that are best suited to meeting clients’ personal goals.

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