CIT Training

Training for better brain health outcomes

Around the nation, there is a growing need for a more collaborative, proactive approach to helping people in our communities to work through brain health (mental health) crises and achieve better outcomes. Here in Iowa, we're tackling that issue head on through our innovative Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) programs, taught by individuals from SolutionPoint+, the nationally recognized experts in de-escalation training.

De-escalation is the practice of using verbal and nonverbal skills to enable all parties (first responders, mental health professionals and those in need) time to slow down, think through their options and make better decisions that put brain health and safety at the forefront of the situation. In successful de-escalation programs, people in need are less likely to be sent to jail because they are evaluated and connected to services that assist them in moving forward with life. Jail is not always the answer in the instance of brain health-related calls and incidents. With knowledge and training, first responders can play a significant role in better outcomes for all.

Who can attend a CIT training?

There are many professions that interact with brain health matters on an everyday basis, such as law enforcement personnel, healthcare providers, educators and social workers, for example. Through the CIT program, class participants go through a step-by-step approach to learning how to work with individuals experiencing a brain health crisis. Brain health affects Iowans of all walks of life; having proactive programs and responses in place betters the outcome for all. In short, CIT training programs provide value to those who directly work in public settings where they are interacting with a variety of people.

What does a training look like?

Seven different trainings are offered, depending on occupation and needs. Each varies in length, between 16 and 40 hours. Each day, class participants will dive deeper into focused de-escalation training. Classes are held in a variety of locations around Iowa, with trusted resources and stakeholders engaged in the learning process.

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